Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bookmark Illustration

"Allergy Awareness" week is an annual event held in New Zealand. Last year I was contacted by Allergy NZ company to design four lovely bookmarks to promote their organization.
"The aim of Allergy New Zealand is to raise the awareness of allergies, to provide support and represent the interests of people living with allergies, especially children and their families."

This year we have added a new design to the collection o bookmarks. You will find them around schools, libraries, hospitals and community centres. On the front are cute illustrations (with some reference to the them of Allergy Awareness) and on the back are useful information regarding allergy.

This year I went with a boy-ish theme, packed with common allergy food (shellfish, squid, fish and crayfish) with the message "STAY SAFE". I wanted to portray that you don't have to be weak or sick to be allergic to something, a healthy active person can also be affected by it!

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