Thursday, March 15, 2012

Go Girl 10: Sink or Swim

The 10th book in the Go Girl series is out now! Sink or Swim, written by Thalia Kalkipsakis and illustrated by me! :)

 Illustrating this book reminded me of my school days when I used to be quite active. Being bought up on a farm my sister, brothers and I used to love bushwalking and going on random adventures. Mum also kept us all busy with Tennis, badminton, swimming classes, plus a touch of netball for us girls and karate for the youngest brother. Five of us siblings would start off in the entry level class, but naturally after a few month everyone except myself would climb up to senior levels. Sadly I stayed in the entry level the whole time I have played badminton, netball and tennis. I think I lacked coordination...

Luckily I was good at swimming!

Anyway, since freelancing I have been very very unfit. I have been sitting on my bum for the past couple of years, doing all nighters and munching on snacks... I have joined the gym a few weeks ago, and thanks to my fiancee (who is a keen rugby man) we go and work out three times a week. Hopefully I will keep this up!


  1. These are darling! And good job with the exercising!

  2. Gorgeous illustrations, Aki! Lovely seeing Bec come to life.