Thursday, May 10, 2012

Billie B Brown 15: Pocket Money Blues

A rather belated update on some of Billie B Brown series' new releases. First up is the 15th book in the series "Pocket Money Blues!"

As usual I have a soft spot for Billie. I just love illustrating her. Reaching the 15th book is such a privilege, every new book I try to bring in some sort of continuity from the previous ones (repeated wardrobe, Noah slowly growing etc) it really does make the Billie world become alive!

Above is the primilary sketch and the initial colouring of the cover image. As you can see some changes were made to reach the final design.

Above: a rough that was never used..
In stead adjustments were made as below.

Billie works really hard in this book, with a lot of support from Jack, to earn enough pocket money to buy something she really wants. I suppose this concept is something most people go through in their childhood, but since I lived on a farm (no shops and nowhere to buy anything) I was very scared of the idea of spending money. Everytime we went into town to buy something it was a family occasion and I remember mum getting frustrated as both my sister and I could never decide on what we want, whether it be buying new clothes or buying new schoolbag.
The very first time that I used a eftpos card was when I turned 18 and left home for university. I must say I was very very nervous. Everyone expects you to know how to make a transaction, for me it was like when a child moves on from playing houses with plastic cups and imaginary meals to suddenly preparing a real dinner for four in a real kitchen. And money is a serious deal and I was very careful not to press the "wrong" button, as if I will blow something up or lose everything in my bank if I have pressed something wrong. sheesh

Anyway I was very happy when I received this new Billie package in the post! Billie Money Box! There's 8 Billie books inside it too! I haven't seen it here in New Zealand so I'm assuming this is only sold in Australia. I will write about the other Billie release next time!

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