Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lily in a Pink Pickle

A post on the 6th book in Lily series "Lily gets in a Pink Pickle", written by Elizabeth Pulford and published by Scholastic. Gosh, I really enjoy illustrating the Lily books. Being set in the world of Angels and fairy dusts, I can bring in more imaginative elements to all the character designs, clothing and settings.
Here are the roughs and final images used for the cover designs.

After reading the manuscript I felt that Frumplepuss (the fat cat), cushion and feathers are three key elements that should work nicely on the cover (and Lily of course).
Lily doing her duties in the library. I had to make the library trolley more "orthodox".

Lily doing more angelic chores at the Amelia's Angel Academy

Some character roughs for the new characters that appear in the book.
Angel Alice. Angel Mercy-May. Angel Laurestine

Lily collecting her entry form at the Seraph Cat Centre. 

I had so much fun refining the character design of Angel Mercy May. She is in charge of the Cherub Cat show so I wanted to make her look full of authority and a bit cat-like. I guess the first image made her look just a bit fat and lazy (and a bit tad too much with the pointy tie-up boots and the bosoms- as the editor nicely told me). So the second illustration was used for the final book.
Cats, fat lady, chaos.... what not to love!

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