Friday, November 9, 2012

Drawing at "Taste of Japan" Event

Wow, how fast time goes by. Have so many things to post! For now I will write about an event I participated a few weeks ago. Japanese Art Festival, an organization that brings Japanese Art culture to New Zealand, took part in the annual Taste of Japan event that was held at the Auckland Museum. For this free event the entire Museum was filled with Japanese culture; its food, music, dance, fashion and art of course.

Japanese Art Festival exhibited art works by Japanese artists on the 3rd floor of the museum and the organizers were kind enough to let me (Kiwi-Japanese) to have my little space to draw and sell cards/prints while talking to the visitors. This announcement was made only a few nights before the event. So on the day before the event my room turned into a shamble of paper and bits and pieces as I worked away on my computer, printer, cutting board and knife, to make my gift cards and prints for the show.
Beetle Girl and Summer Santa Cards

Hungry Geisha design I made especially for this "Taste if Japan" event.

Alice and Rabbit. One of my favorite combo

Halloween theme "Jacky o' Babysitter"

"Turtle girl" and "Halloween Black Bath" cards

And many more!

Once I got to the event I sat up my space then drew all day from 10am~5pm. It was so much fun as I got to draw whatever I wanted without guilt. Thank you for everyone who has bought my prints and cards. The Christmas and Halloween themed cards were the most popular.

Also for all those lovely people who took their time to talk to me and give really nice complements, THANK YOU! Sometimes when you are dungeoned away in your studio for a looong time you forget that people actually like do your work :D
Now that I have had a good doze of ego boost and complements I have enough energy to keep drawing nonstop!

Not only did people by my cards and prints, many people bought the drawings that I was working on at the event... I was too busy to take any photos at the event (thank you for the organizers and the girls who sent these images through to me ) but below are the illustrations that did return home with me :)

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