Thursday, September 8, 2011

Billie B Brown: Spotty Holiday

Wooh, only a few more days to go until I leave to the big Billie B Brown Australia Tour! Getting very nervous (about my other deadlines...) and excited (about the trip!).
Before that I will be going to the Rugby World Cup Opening Game tomorrow, NZ vs Tonga. The whole country is going totally crazy with rugby fever right now, very hard to concentrate on work, especially when I can hear rugby fans singing and cheering outside my apartment every day.
I'm actually not much of a rugby girl, but having a club rugby player as a partner it's impossible not to get swamped by all the madness- looks like the whole city will leave work early tomorrow for the big opening night!!

Anyway putting that aside, a second post on Spotty Holiday today! 13th book in the Billie B Brown series! Check out the first post here! The editor at Hardie Grant Egmont asked for a "fun" and a rather "funky" grandma. So for the first lot of roughs I put her in artistic outfits and a funky hat. After seeing the first roughs the editor suggested we make her into a more young looking, fashionable and a working grandma.
We want to avoid drawing adult faces in Billie books so I had to make sure she still looked "old". 

Wish I will look as good as her when I grow old!!

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