Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lily The Littlest Angel:Has A Secret Cover

My editor at Scholastic has been telling me the two new Lily the Littlest Angel books has been rather successful amongst girls since their launch a couple of months ago! Here goes a post on the cover illustration for the second book in its series "Lily has a Secret". (can you guess what the secret is?)

Like the first cover I have tried out a few drafts. And image of Lily and the new kitten "Petal" on the moon popped in my head so I played around with that concept.

Playing around with different poses .... the last draft seemed to convey the most connection between Lily and Petal, so we went with that!

After the initial colouring I enhanced the moon more in the final version. Also changed Lily's mouth so that she looks like she is talking to Petal :)
The designer placed this on the background and walla!

The author Elizabeth Pulford has written a post about Petal and Frumplepuss in her Lily blog. Love finding out where the authors get their inspirations!

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