Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lily The Littlest Angel: Angel Mina & Mip Mop, Professor Glumbo & Frumplepuss

Just over a week to go until Lily the Littlest Angel books start showing up in the bookshops!
Elizabeth Pulford has created so many magical characters in these books. I am having so much fun designing and illustrating them. Below are the design sketches for the teachers at the Amelia's Angel Academy, the school Lily attends to learn how to become an angel.

As usual I bullet point descriptions in the manuscript before drawing up characters to make sure I'm not missing any vital information. The first sketch for Angel Mina was too old and frail looking. Even though she is one of the oldest Angels in the Academy angels are supposed to age gracefully :)

 Angel Mip Mop is one of my favorite characters. She is the messy chef of the Academy. She turned out more full figured than the initial sketch which I like!

 And here goes my favorite duo, Professor Glumbo and Frumplepuss! The names say it all about these two rather frumpy yet so lovable characters. I quite liked the hunchback in the initial sketches but in the end the professor turned out more upright and rather fashionable looking with his scarf and feather pendant :)

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