Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lily The Littlest Angel: Mother Angel & Felicity

More sneak peeks of the cast of "Lily the Littlest Angel". See previous posts for other character designs.
Mother Angel is the wise, beautiful and the powerful Angel of Amelia's Angel Academy. I suppose she is equivalent of a principle of the school.
 She has a very tall figure and is strict and powerful yet at the same time very kind and forgiving; almost like a mother figure to all the little angels at the Academy. I wanted to portray these qualities in her design... beauty, strength and kindness.
My two initial sketches were already close to the final design, Just a tweak here and there....
And here she is, Mother Angel!
Felicity also appears in the first book. Being the beautiful senior student, she was very easy to draw. I think pretty characters are easier to draw than ugly yet lovable ones. When I was little I only used to like drawing pretty things, but as I grow older I tend to like drawing characters with a bit of ugliness real-life like flaws and imperfections! In a way it makes them relate more closer to the viewers I think!

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