Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lily The Littlest Angel: Lily Character Design

Just over a week to go until this new series start hitting the book stores!
So here goes another preview, a post on Lily from the new series "Lily the littlest Angel".

When I was given this project from Scholastic I was handed with both manuscript for the first two books. As I read the stories I bullet pointed characteristics of Lily mentioned in the manuscript and came up with a bunch of potential character design.

Few days later I receive comments and feedback from my lovely editor, the senior editor and the author, Elizabeth Pulford. 
After shuffling through the feedback I came up with a more refined design. Still trying to figure out how the trainer wings strap on her.

I was getting close. After making her look a slightly older we settled on the design below.
I then move onto refining the colour palette of Lily. The below palette was taken straight from the manuscript, "Rhubarb red hair", "green eyes" and "blue gown".
 Applying those colours to the line work and....
WALLA! Lily, we meet at last!
Only a slight change was made from there. Somewhere along the process from this point to drawing up the cover illustration I forgot to add the little curly hair around her ears (you can see that Lily on the covers on the previous post doesn't have the curly "sideburns" ). I actually quite liked the little curls, oh well ... what can I do now, I've already finished illustrating the third book!

 Oh yes, I also played around with different colour combinations for her hair and eyes. But the red hair green eyes combo is a winner! :)


  1. I have just seen your latest illustrations for book four and I love them...especially that grumpy old cat!

  2. Hehe, glad that you liked them! Hope you approve of the finished illustrations. And the wonderful cover!