Thursday, February 23, 2012

Billie B Brown: The Cutest Pet Ever

The 14th book in Billie B Brown series is out! The Cutest Pet Ever! Being surrounded by animals all my life I can understand Billie's desire to have the cutest pet that she can cuddle and love.

 For those who are familiar with BBB books you may notice that I never show any of the adult character's faces. Billie's dad has been appearing in quiet a lot of the books so far and when I first drew his head from behind (in "The Birthday Mix Up") I brought out a bit of my own dad in him, especially the curly black hair.  But this illustration of Billie's dad baking resembles my dad the most! Although my mother is a great cook (ex-chef) dad has always been in charge of baking cakes for our birthdays and Christmas.

I always had preferred drawing animals rather than people, so it was really fun drawing for this story.

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