Sunday, February 26, 2012

The growing Billie world.. Hey JACK!

I have just received some letters from Billie fans! YAAAAAY!
Thank you Jennifer for sending these through!!

Aren't they adorable? I never hardly receive fan letters (maybe because I'm just the illustrator???) but honestly these made my DAY :D 
Sally Rippin, the author, sometimes forwards me emails from Billie fans too. I just makes my job worth while. Thanks Sally.

There are couple more exciting news. The French Canadian market are selling Billie B Brown series as well! Joanna from Hardie Grant Egmont publisher has sent me some copies of "Lili B Brown" (apparently Lili works better than "Billie" over there). These french versions have sparkly glossing on the cover, so pretty. Sucks that I can't read french though...

The most exciting news of all, due to demands from the readers and bookstores, Sally has released new Jack series "Hey Jack". Jack is Billie's best friend, and this spin-off series are told from Jack's point of view. I don't do any of the illustrations for this series but it's really fun seeing bits of Billie's world crossing over and expanding!! Boys who are moving on from picture books or parents who wants to keep science fictions, dragons and swords away from their bookshelves will definitely enjoy this new series!


  1. How adorable, Aki! I'm sure you have hundreds of fans out there - including me! x

  2. Thank you Sally! Gosh, you must be busy really busy now with BBB, Hey Jack and all your other books!