Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Raise the awareness of allergies

I was kindly asked by Inga Stunzner, the Information Officer at Allergy New Zealand, to design a series of Bookmarks to promote their organization.

"The aim of Allergy New Zealand is to raise the awareness of allergies, to provide support and represent the interests of people living with allergies, especially children and their families."

This was a really fulfilling project, and "The bookmarks, sponsored by Nutricia, will be distributed to over 50 community and school libraries around the country, which are holding allergy displays."
The bookmarks are being launched ... NOW! along with other resources during the Allergy Awareness Week (17th-23rd May) aiming to educate the food service industry.

Check out their website, and go to their events page for further detail! :)

Dad's Birhday Book

May 17th was dad's Birthday, so this year I made him a little picture book. It features my cat (who will be turning 18 this year!) visiting the house on top of Peaceful Hill (meaning of our Family name) to give dad his Birthday present. I starts off with her buying him a sushi pack (which he usually gets for lunch at his work), and as she walks through the forest she bumps into weird creatures (representing the rest of the family) who are also going to see Dad on this special day to give him other useful (?) presents.
Happy Birthday Dad!

Monday, May 18, 2009

World Sweet World Issue#6

I am very excited to say that my illustration will be featured in the next issue of World Sweet World!!!
Hannah and Thomas Schickedanz, the lovely editors, have asked me to illustrate an article written by Kate Williman: "The Magic Word- Waving the Sustainability Wand at Housing".
Check out Issue #6 when its out! :)
I had so much fun illustrating these, feels good when my works are taking part in delivering good, genuine messages.

Current project....

Just a little peek at a project Im working on now...
a map illustration for Auckland.
Here are some icons of Auckland City.
- Racing Horse for Ellerslie Race course
- Sky tower

2009 Mother's Day Card

Made a Thank you card from five of us siblings, pets and plants to mum.
She is such an amazing person, always giving and giving, intelligent, strict and kind. From the point she was pregnant to the first child, she has been slaving away to bring the best to us.

inside card

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rabbit and the Ocean Fish

A illustration I started at 3am and managed to finish around 7am, shoved it through the printer with a message "Merry Xmas Mum and Dad". Me and my siblings quickly wrote some heart warming messages and we managed to slide it under the Xmas tree (along with a little clay-kodama, a Ghibli movie character, my sister made and a nice wood-piece carved by my brothers) before my parents got to the tree..... Im sure they're getting used to our last-minute-being-santas.. the card must've been stilll warm when they open it.

sexy sexy...?

A uni friend who used to organize club dance parties asked me to do some sexy girls to go on their promotional materials.
The two conservative ones :)

click..click..click,click click...

click...click...click...click,click click CLICK

Students who worked around me would have been irritated when I colored these images using the mouse back in 2004.
Apparently the uni lab had two sets of tablets.... how come I never saw them????

1. 2. Modern Alice and Wonderland character designs.

3. Treehouse

4. Illustrations from Franz Diary (2005 Calender) a gift to a family friend,a lovely piano teacher who adores her grey cat called Franz.

my first attempts on CG

Year 2004 was a year to remember... 3rd year Bachelor of Fine Arts and I was introduced to scanners and Mac (still yet to encounter tablet). These girls we doodles in my visual diary. I was amazed at how simple pen doodles can seem so "professional" just using the paint bucket tool.

some old poster designs for classical music concerts

Some of my first jobs as a illustrator/graphic designer. Thanks to our family members being musicians I got a lot of chance to do the concert posters, programmes, ticket etc.

Pay??? Free tickets (even though I was playing in half of them), the exposure (to Whangarei town) and of course, smiles of all the members' faces :)

Paintings from 2007 Freerange Art Show

Some paintings from collaborative art show held at Te Karanga Gallery, K rd, Auckland with other emerging artists: me, Racheblue, Lyhui Te & Ginny Jones

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Character Designs

2007 character designs.... personal doodles

Entries for Kodansha Publishers

Entry for the monthly illustration competition held by Kodansha Publishers.
Theme of the month: Cat

Another Entry for the Theme: Bear

The winner's work was to be used for HAGAKI (postcards given out to people during New Years), and since it was the year of Ox I decided to do a Bear wearing a Ox costume.

Manga/Comic illustration wih boy appeal

Last month I was asked to show some illustration samples in manga/comic style with boy appeal.

Gift Card Designs

Some illustration I have done for greeting cards.

1. 2008 Christmas card: Greetings from NZ to Japan- Xmas cards I sent out to friends and relatives in Japan

2. 2008 Sorry card for mum for Mother's Day. We were too busy to organize anything for her.. sorry mum.

3. 2005 Thank you card- after my sister and I came back from our Japan trip I sent this out to people who have looked after us while we were there. THANK YOU for all the food! (especially the crab hot pot).

First Post

Hi everyone, thank you for visiting Aki Art Blog.
I love creating new thing, daydreaming, night dreaming, eating nice food, doodling, listening and creating music.... I tend to question everything about the universe and try to use my limited knowledge to come to some answers- for this reason I love meeting new people and learning about everything around me. You can never get full of knowledge or new experience, I am always hungry for inspiration!
I will be using this space to show my work/thoughts. Living on a land that tucked right down and under- New Zealand, Aotearoa, the beautiful land of long white clouds- I wish that maybe, some day, some one will be inspired by something they see on here.