Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Billie B Brown Australia Tour!

It's been a while since I have last posted about Billie B Brown.

Firstly I want to share a wonderful news, I have been invited by Hardie Grant Egmont and Get Reading! to tour around New South Wales and Victoria for Billie B Brown events, with the wonderful author Sally Rippin! I will be in Melbourne from the 12th of September for a week then will be moving around libraries, bookshops and schools through different cities until the 24th. Hopefully I will have Internet close by so that I can keep you all posted on our schedule! I have been to Sydney (a few years for sister's friend's wedding) and Brisbane once (20 years ago when I was moving to New Zealand with my family). So I am VERY excited and a bit nervous about this trip!

Anyway some new book releases. Two more Billie books has been launched since I have last posted.
Firstly, " The Best Project"

Had fun drawing up Billie's special tower. Billie's dad and Noah also appears a lot in this book! :)
And the latest release "The Spotty Holiday"! Had so much fun illustrating this book! A new family member appears in this book. Will be posting more about it later on! Check out the cover process below!
Since I'm invited on a tour I have been busy making myself more accessible online so that hopefully the readers can learn more about the illustrator of Billie...
Feel free to join me on my new Facebook Page, and also check out my new Website!
Can't wait finally meet Sally, the publishing team and all the Billie FANS!