Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quest Newmarket Map Poster

Last year I was commissioned by IDESIGN design and production studio to design a poster of Auckland map for Quest Newmarket NZ.
The brief was to make Newmarket the centre of Auckland.

I sent them some sample images and proceeded to the final design. Took a while to go through all the changes but in the end both the studio and their client were happy :)

Was quite stoked to see it printed and mounted on A0 sheet and hung at the main entrance!
You can download the image here.

BILLIE B BROWN is here!!!

Finally! I have been working months and months on this.
BILLIE B BROWN is finally here!

A fresh new book series for young girls and parents featuring a feisty tomboy Billie B Brown. There are four books out and I am already working on books 5 and 6 now. The stories are written by the well established writer Sally Rippin. The characters and the stories are all fresh and modern and should be ideal for young girls wanting something different from pretty fairies and princesses.

Karri Hedge, the lovely editor from Hardie Grant Egmont, and I have spent the first 3 months fine tuning character design, colour schemes and style of the whole Billie series. (see all the designs we ended up gong through before finally finding Billie!)

Also check out Billie website! I worked on all the illustrations plus all the dress up, face games! :)

Nobody Likes Me

I have been working on a book called "Nobody Likes Me" written by Cynthia Dekel. The book is based on her lovely Dekel family with her gorgeous daughter being the main character. The images are the initial character studies and some page roughs.

The book is almost complete and ready for sale online. Will post once it's ready for all you guys to check it out! Such a sweet story :)


I did a single page illustration for NEW GROUND comic issue #12, published by DMC comics. This bi-annual comic show casts NZ's new and upcoming comic artists. Apparently it was released at the Auckland Armageddon expo in December. If anyone has seen it please let me know how it looked! :)

I did another Black and white option, with a more girly taste.But both Jeremy (director of DMC) and I liked the "driving the Dragon" better so we went with that. :)

Witchy Goes Shopping


My first children's book to illustrate, "Witchy goes Shopping". It is about a silly Witch who has forgotten her magic spell to restock her magic cupboard of creepy ingredients and ends up going to the supermarket. On arrival, she realizes she's left her spectacles behind so ends up purchasing ordinary groceries instead of buying things off her shopping list; including a big fat toad, spider eggs, squiggly worms, dragon's blood etc.

The story is written by the wonderful Dianne Boles and is published by Scholastic.

You will find Witchy stocked in most School Libraries :) Also can be purchased in all major bookstores in Australia and New Zealand. The book also comes in Maori Language :)