Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Giveaway!

Happy Easter!
I am so happy to announce that my Aki Art Facebook Page has reached over 200 likes! THANK YOU!
I wanted to do a little giveaway to show my gratitude, below is my Easter/thank-you giveaway illustration! 

I will be giving away the above illustration plus ONE MORE to one lucky person! To be in the chance to win "like" or "comment" this Facebook post and "share" on your facebook page! The winner will be chosen after midnight Monday NZ time! Happy liking and commenting!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2012 Japanese Art Festival

I have had a great weekend! I took part in the "Japanese Art Festival". This event have been held yearly in Auckland bringing together modern Japanese Art and hosting NZ local talents. More than 240 Japanese modern art works came from Japan for this festival!

It was my first time to have my work displayed for this event, it was such an great opportunity. I also did some live drawings. Thank you to all the people who came and talked to me and apologies to those who I ended up, not intentionally, rudely not noticing. When I start to draw I usually go off into my little own dreamland... next time you see me immersed in my la-la-land and want my attention, just give me a little yell and I should snap out of it!
Apparently this little girl was standing right next to me for 30min while I did a drawing, I didn't notice her at all until the very end when she said she wants the finished illustration. Her dad bought it off me :)
Anyway I met so many inspiring people (including the talented Wei Lun Ha) and saw many amazing works. So nice to step out of my cave once in a while to see what I'm missing out on! Being a freelancer can be very lonely and pretty dungeon-ed if you don't make the effort to kick your own bum out of the house! (it's nice to be not drawing in my PJs for a change too!)

Me drawing at my table

Below are some works that people bought off me! Thank you!

This one was the last one I drew for the day. Girl and Dragon. I took it home with me. 

Checkout my album on my Aki Art Facebook Page to see more photos! I have really enjoyed live drawing, hopefully more opportunities will come!