Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mothers Day Card

Happy Mothers Day!
"We know we are all ripe enough to be picked, but we just love you we don't wanna leave!
Thank you for bringing us into this world.
Thank you for feeding us.
Thank you for guiding us.
Thank you for inspiring us.
Thank you for LOVING us!"

Mum I just can't thank you enough for everything you have done. You're such a great person, as a mother, as dad's wife, as grandparents daughter, as a piano teacher, as a conductor, and as a person. I grew up thinking that you were the best mum in the whole world, now I not only continue to believe that but more- you are one of the most greatest people in the world. You inspire me so much, and the older I get this feeling only grows. Thank you for bringing me into this world, I am so happy to be your daughter.

This year's card is inspired by the idea of you mothering us five siblings, your gardens, and the countless animals and fish you have brought into our almost-zoo-like-family. (I couldn't fit our horse, sheep, cows and goats in the tree, or the pigeons, doves, quails etc etc)
 Even though we don't all live at home you keep watering us with love and our roots will forever connect us back to you as our HOME. Now that we are almost fully matured hopefully you will let us shelter you!

Note that I am right in the middle with my cat, Dorothy, given to me from Santa. She will be turning 19 this year! Since leaving home mum has been looking after her for me, sadly Dorothy doesn't not how to live in the city, she is much happier living on our farm with all the other animals. I do miss her so much!