Thursday, December 16, 2010

How quickly time passes. It has already been  7months since the first launch of the Sparkle Creations rubber Stamps. I have been privileged to be illustrating all the stamps, based around eight delightful characters I have designed- Lucy, Chloe, Ruby, Emily, Charlotte, Rin, Josh and Oliver! Sparkle Smith, the young and talented owner of the store, has been releasing new stamps every month. Before we know it, I have illustrated 24 stamps this year  and more to come next year!!! They are cute and whimsical, suitable for all occasions!

Visit the store and check out the store blog. Sparkle does sneak peeks, challenges, and giveaways. Also her talented Design team keep you inspired with their creations using Sparkle Creation stamps!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Xmas Billie

I am happy to announce that Xmas Billie will be in bookstores from November in Australia and New Zealand! I have been so privileged to be illustrating this series. The first four books were published in April this year and as far as I know there will be 10 Billie B books released by mid next year!
Also the lovely editors at Hardie Grant have told me that first six books have already been sold into French-Canada market and will be published there later this year!

Below is a lovely review from the August edition of Bookseller and Publisher:

The Extra-special Helper: Billie B Brown

Billie B Brown’s class is off to the zoo and Billie couldn’t be more proud as she’s going to be her teacher’s extra special helper for the day. Billie needs to make sure that everyone behaves and that no-one gets lost—but is she up to the task? This cute little reader is the latest addition to Sally Rippin’s series for emerging readers that revolves around what the ‘B’ in Billie B Brown really stands for—this time, bossiness. Rippin’s aim is to offer an alternative to fairy and princess readers, and she carefully challenges gender stereotypes through the characters of Billie and her best friend Jack. This story develops their friendship particularly well as Billie learns to juggle her responsibilities as both a friend and helper. Illustrator Aki Fukuoka does a great job of capturing Billie’s quirky and defiantly messy character, complementing the overall bright, modern and friendly series design. Children will want to pick these books up and give them a try—and the layout, with its generous type and fun use of emphasised words, will help keep them going. Short and sweet, this engaging reader for children five years and up also makes a great accompaniment to a first school excursion.

Meredith Tate is a freelance writer, editor and reviewer who has worked for a children’s publisher

Sally Rippin, the author, has written an lovely article on how Billie B Book has come to life. Also she has been uploading some drawings from Billie B fans! Check out the Billie B Brown website for the latest updates and fun games!

Monday, July 19, 2010

T-shirt design entry!

I have entered a design for the Illicit Clothing Company Tshirt Design Competition.
They are a streetwear clothing store with stores through NZ and also selling overseas. They have some skulls and gangster stuff for the older market but also sells less illicit designs for girls and kids too.
There will be an online voting system soon to decide on who will be the lucky winners! Will do another post once I know the details!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sparkle Creations GRAND OPENING Blog Hop

Welcome to the Grand Opening blog hop for Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps! To start at the beginning of the blog hop, please go to the Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps.
Today we're releasing 8 new stamps! And we're giving away a ton of prizes! One lucky person will win the grand prize of all 8 images. There are also 5 single stamp prizes hidden, so make sure you comment on everyone's blogs! You will have until midnight Eastern time to comment and the winners will be announced on the Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps blog.

Now a bit about myself. I am the illustrator of the company. Sparkle has chosen me to design and illustrate characters and images for her new online Rubber Stamp Store. We met (online) in February and now we can finally launch the online store!

Our normal procedure for illustrating these stamps involves about 1-3 stages of drafts and once a draft is approved by Sparkle I move onto inking! Check out how Scooter Chloe's image was created!

I send the finished image to Sparkle in high resolution and she turns them into rubber stamps!
We both have says in naming the characters. "Chloe" was chosen by me!
Below is my finished version of Chloe!

It has been lovely working for Sparkle. She has introduced me into this online world of scrapbooking/crafting and stamping! I hope you will purchase the stamps, create beautiful designs with them and inspire people around you! That way hopefully I will get to keep illustrating for Sparkle!
Sparkle will be offering free standard shipping for all orders over $25 for the weekend (til midnight EST Sunday), and the code is FREESHIP. Thank you for stopping by and now it's time to go to Sandra MacLean's blog!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sparkle Creations- Creation of Ruby

Only One more day until Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamp Onlinestore launch!

Here goes the development of Ruby. Can you see how her lips shrunk during the rough process?

I must have been very hungry for cupcakes when I was illustrating Ruby!
And below is a lovely design by Sparkle Smith, the owner of the online store.
Loving all the textures she's using!

And here goes my version of Ruby. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sparkle Creations- Creation of Lucy

Only a couple more days until launch of Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamp Online store!
Here goes development of Swimming Lucy illustration.

Gosh, I hardly ever mixed drinking bubbly and swimming in my life, other than maybe when munching hungrily on sizzled sausages during family camping times next to the beach. But I would never look as clean and composed as Lucy or those beautiful people you see on TV, sipping drinks and eating nibbles while paddling graciously in their huge swimming pools.

Anyway, Sparkle has done a wonderful creation with the stamp. Check her design out below!
Loving the pinks, and the wonderful choices of paper!

You can purchase the stamp from Sparkle Creations from the 10th of July.
And below is my coloured version of Swimming Lucy!

Sparkle Creations- Creation of Charlotte

This is my second post today, creation of Charlotte!
This character was designed with "Mothers day" theme in mind. But as Sparkle has mentioned in her blog, she can be a very versatile stamp!

You can purchase the stamp at Sparkle Creations website, which is due to launch in a few days! And below is the card designed by Sparkle Smith using the stamp. She is the owner of the Sparkle Creations company. A lovely boss to work with!

And below is my version of Charlotte with rose. I chose subtle grey for her dress to give her a more sophisticated look!

Bookmark Illustration

"Allergy Awareness" week is an annual event held in New Zealand. Last year I was contacted by Allergy NZ company to design four lovely bookmarks to promote their organization.
"The aim of Allergy New Zealand is to raise the awareness of allergies, to provide support and represent the interests of people living with allergies, especially children and their families."

This year we have added a new design to the collection o bookmarks. You will find them around schools, libraries, hospitals and community centres. On the front are cute illustrations (with some reference to the them of Allergy Awareness) and on the back are useful information regarding allergy.

This year I went with a boy-ish theme, packed with common allergy food (shellfish, squid, fish and crayfish) with the message "STAY SAFE". I wanted to portray that you don't have to be weak or sick to be allergic to something, a healthy active person can also be affected by it!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sparkle Creation- Creation of Oliver!

Here goes the development of Surfing Oliver. Actually Oliver was initially designed as a St Patricks Day character (since I came up with his character in March). But we decided to save that for next year and go with surfing theme to keep in time with the Sparkle Creation Rubber Stamp launch date!

Nice and bright  and summery! You can purchase the stamps from the Sparkle Creation website from the 10th of July!

And below is my finished version of Surfing Oliver. ENJOY!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sparkle Creation- Creation of Rin

Here goes another post for Sparkle Creation Fans.
Creation of Lantern Rin! She went through two roughs, notice that she started off rather chubby and less-asian-looking. You can buy the stamp from Sparkle Creation site.
Below is Sparkle's design using the stamp! Love her choices of papers. The butterflies look great too!

And below is my version of the Lantern Rin!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sparkle Creation Rubber Stamps- Creation of Turntable Josh

Here goes my first post for all the Sparkle Creation fans. I have been asked by the lovely Sparkle Smith to be the illustrator for her new rubber stamp company.For the first series I came up with 8 lovely characters. I will be showing you how the character Josh was developed.
He went through three roughs before finalizing. Can you see how his face became cuter every step? I often learn my client's taste while going through the rough process. Sparkle loves cute and whimsical!

And here goes the finished illustration. You can purchase this rubber stamp from the Sparkle Creation site. The online shop will be launching on the 10th of July!
Sparkle has come up with a beautiful design using the Turntable Josh stamp.
And below is my coloured version. Since I don't have time or the resource to make cards, or have the confidence to come up with a good design after seeing Sparkle's design, I will be doing what I do best with the stamps!
I will be showing my version of the finished illustration! ENJOY!

Two of my works were displayed at the 2010 Original Art Sale Show last weekend held at the TelestraClear Pacific Centre. Both were fairy small canvas works titled "Alice and Rabbit" and "Snow white".

2010 Original Art Sale Show is one of the biggest art sale shows in NZ, held across three days. You have to be chosen by the show producers to get a spot to display your works and get the chance to sell your art to the public. This year there were over 1,400 artworks on sale!
I just got a call from  the producer saying that both my works were sold!
Whoever bought my paintings, THANK YOU! I'm sure my babies are happy at their new homes!
Hopefully next year I will be chosen again to take part in the sale show. And next time I will manage my time better so that I can do much bigger paintings!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Billie Books 5 & 6 now online!

Read the first pages of Books 5 and 6 of the Billie B Brown series on the Billie website!! For those who doesn't know, these series are written by the wonderful author Sally Rippin and illustrated by ME! Wonderful series for readers from age 7+.
So far there are 4 books out in the stores in Australia and New Zealand. Books 5 and 6 will be available in stores during August! Check out Billie website for fun games and more updates!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dad's Birthday Card

May the 17th was dad's Birthday.
Oh dad, you have always worked so hard to support all of us!
Thank you dad. We are so grateful that you were born into this world. It is because of you that we are a such a carefree happy family!
(I'm the one looking out the window with my 19year old cat, my sister and brothers are on the roof, mum is on the balcony. Dad's being himself and being happy knowing that his effort is making his family happy!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mothers Day Card

Happy Mothers Day!
"We know we are all ripe enough to be picked, but we just love you we don't wanna leave!
Thank you for bringing us into this world.
Thank you for feeding us.
Thank you for guiding us.
Thank you for inspiring us.
Thank you for LOVING us!"

Mum I just can't thank you enough for everything you have done. You're such a great person, as a mother, as dad's wife, as grandparents daughter, as a piano teacher, as a conductor, and as a person. I grew up thinking that you were the best mum in the whole world, now I not only continue to believe that but more- you are one of the most greatest people in the world. You inspire me so much, and the older I get this feeling only grows. Thank you for bringing me into this world, I am so happy to be your daughter.

This year's card is inspired by the idea of you mothering us five siblings, your gardens, and the countless animals and fish you have brought into our almost-zoo-like-family. (I couldn't fit our horse, sheep, cows and goats in the tree, or the pigeons, doves, quails etc etc)
 Even though we don't all live at home you keep watering us with love and our roots will forever connect us back to you as our HOME. Now that we are almost fully matured hopefully you will let us shelter you!

Note that I am right in the middle with my cat, Dorothy, given to me from Santa. She will be turning 19 this year! Since leaving home mum has been looking after her for me, sadly Dorothy doesn't not how to live in the city, she is much happier living on our farm with all the other animals. I do miss her so much!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Present

My friend asked me to paint something for her younger sister. Since the little sister really likes Japanese culture I incorporated some Japanese themes, geisha, koi carp, lanterns and "Amy" (girl's name) written in Japanese. I did a small triptych of block canvases so it will be easier for Amy to take it back home (she is visiting NZ from overseas) and then she can have fun arranging the paintings herself. You can hang them on walls or place them on a surface. Hope the sister liked it!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nobody Likes Me

A new Children's Picture book written by Cynthia Dekel, illustrated and designed by ME! It has been self-published and you can buy it online through it's website or through amazon.
A very cute story "inspired by a real day in the life of a feisty young girl who has been overlooked one time too many and is feeling rejected." Many children and parents can relate to this story!
Please check out the website, read about the author, see some sample illustrations by me and leave a comment!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friend's wedding :)

Couple of months ago was the wedding of one of my closest friends. We went to uni together and now she is an art teacher at a College in Auckland. I also work there part time as an art technician.
I did an acrylic on canvas painting for their wedding present. I also designed their wedding invites. I based the design on their relationship- the husband is in the navy and spends a long time away from home. She is always waiting for him with their pet cat. I incorporated some maori patterns in the waves and the details of the sailing ship to give it some kiwiana touch.
They liked it very much :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quest Newmarket Map Poster

Last year I was commissioned by IDESIGN design and production studio to design a poster of Auckland map for Quest Newmarket NZ.
The brief was to make Newmarket the centre of Auckland.

I sent them some sample images and proceeded to the final design. Took a while to go through all the changes but in the end both the studio and their client were happy :)

Was quite stoked to see it printed and mounted on A0 sheet and hung at the main entrance!
You can download the image here.

BILLIE B BROWN is here!!!

Finally! I have been working months and months on this.
BILLIE B BROWN is finally here!

A fresh new book series for young girls and parents featuring a feisty tomboy Billie B Brown. There are four books out and I am already working on books 5 and 6 now. The stories are written by the well established writer Sally Rippin. The characters and the stories are all fresh and modern and should be ideal for young girls wanting something different from pretty fairies and princesses.

Karri Hedge, the lovely editor from Hardie Grant Egmont, and I have spent the first 3 months fine tuning character design, colour schemes and style of the whole Billie series. (see all the designs we ended up gong through before finally finding Billie!)

Also check out Billie website! I worked on all the illustrations plus all the dress up, face games! :)

Nobody Likes Me

I have been working on a book called "Nobody Likes Me" written by Cynthia Dekel. The book is based on her lovely Dekel family with her gorgeous daughter being the main character. The images are the initial character studies and some page roughs.

The book is almost complete and ready for sale online. Will post once it's ready for all you guys to check it out! Such a sweet story :)


I did a single page illustration for NEW GROUND comic issue #12, published by DMC comics. This bi-annual comic show casts NZ's new and upcoming comic artists. Apparently it was released at the Auckland Armageddon expo in December. If anyone has seen it please let me know how it looked! :)

I did another Black and white option, with a more girly taste.But both Jeremy (director of DMC) and I liked the "driving the Dragon" better so we went with that. :)

Witchy Goes Shopping


My first children's book to illustrate, "Witchy goes Shopping". It is about a silly Witch who has forgotten her magic spell to restock her magic cupboard of creepy ingredients and ends up going to the supermarket. On arrival, she realizes she's left her spectacles behind so ends up purchasing ordinary groceries instead of buying things off her shopping list; including a big fat toad, spider eggs, squiggly worms, dragon's blood etc.

The story is written by the wonderful Dianne Boles and is published by Scholastic.

You will find Witchy stocked in most School Libraries :) Also can be purchased in all major bookstores in Australia and New Zealand. The book also comes in Maori Language :)