Friday, July 2, 2010

Sparkle Creation Rubber Stamps- Creation of Turntable Josh

Here goes my first post for all the Sparkle Creation fans. I have been asked by the lovely Sparkle Smith to be the illustrator for her new rubber stamp company.For the first series I came up with 8 lovely characters. I will be showing you how the character Josh was developed.
He went through three roughs before finalizing. Can you see how his face became cuter every step? I often learn my client's taste while going through the rough process. Sparkle loves cute and whimsical!

And here goes the finished illustration. You can purchase this rubber stamp from the Sparkle Creation site. The online shop will be launching on the 10th of July!
Sparkle has come up with a beautiful design using the Turntable Josh stamp.
And below is my coloured version. Since I don't have time or the resource to make cards, or have the confidence to come up with a good design after seeing Sparkle's design, I will be doing what I do best with the stamps!
I will be showing my version of the finished illustration! ENJOY!


  1. Fabulous, Aki! LOVE all of these images.. they are so fun to color! It is so fun to see how Josh evolved! Love your illustration of him!!

  2. It's amazing how the changes evolved. Love your finished version your designs are delightful.

  3. I adore all the images you've drawn for Sparkle! But Josh has to be one of my faves! Love how you've coloured him - stunning!

  4. Hi Stephanie Kraft. Nice to meet you! (*shake hands)
    So happy to hear that you are the Sparkle Creation DT Coordinator! Can't wait to see your designs!

    Thank you for your lovely comment Arlene.

    Hi SemSee, I just looked at your blog, you are Simmone Clay :D Another amzing person to be part of the design team!
    I will be uploading more posts like these for the other stamps during the coming week so keep watch!

  5. I can't wait to purchase some of these stamps...awesome job illustrating! Can't wait to see what else you come up with :) have a great day!

  6. You did just a wonderful job illustrating for Sparkle! Can't wait to buy this one...he's my favorite!

  7. Thanks for the comment Mandy. Just checked out your blog. Your dogs are beeeautiful!

    Hi Rinne. Sounds like Josh is a popular one!
    Your designs are also great!!!!