Monday, July 19, 2010

T-shirt design entry!

I have entered a design for the Illicit Clothing Company Tshirt Design Competition.
They are a streetwear clothing store with stores through NZ and also selling overseas. They have some skulls and gangster stuff for the older market but also sells less illicit designs for girls and kids too.
There will be an online voting system soon to decide on who will be the lucky winners! Will do another post once I know the details!


  1. Hi Aki, very excited to have copies of the two new BBB books in my hands. They look gorgeous! Thank you so much! Meanwhile, there are some great new blog posts on the website you might like to read too.
    (Here's one for you in particular:

  2. HI Aki - me again. Thought you'd like to see the work of some budding illustrators inspired by your work:

  3. HI Sally!
    Ive just finished working on the internals for the Xmas BBB! :D Glad to hear your positive comments for the two latest releases!

    And the kids pictures are GREAT!!! WOW. Makes me so happy to see kids drawing characters I draw! Oh such feeling of pleasure!
    Sally, please keep writing more BBB! So I can keep illustrating!

    I will go and check out the Billie Bulletin Board now!

  4. Don't worry, Aki - there are plenty more Billies to come!

  5. Another nice comment for you Aki:
    Hope you are having fun illustrating the new Billies?

  6. Thank you for the update! Will need and check BBBwebsit out now! :)
    I have just finished the internal illustrations for the January release "The secret Message" :)
    Looking forward to receiving the next brief :)
    Im currently flat out with work! I have 16 books coming out next year! 2 children's picture books, 10 series (including 3 confirmed Billie titles), 5 cover illustrations and design works! Plus ongoing illustrations for stamp company, and also illustrations for T-shirt label. As well as my usual part time job at a close by Senior College as an Art Technician...
    I am very happy though, being a busy freelancer can't be a bad thing at all! :D

  7. Wow, that's great, Aki! Everyone obviously loves your work!

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  9. Thanks for your comment Green Turtle.
    I have had a look at your links! They are great!
    Lately Ive been thinkig about getting into illustrating for Tshirts! Only if I had more spare time!

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