Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sparkle Creations October Release Preview: Sunflower Charlotte

Welcome to my second preview post for the October release for Sparkle Creations Rubber StampsSparkle is releasing 2 new stamps illustrated by me and 1 new Karber clear stamp set, and they are available in the store NOW! Today the store is previewing the final new release Sunflower Charlotte 

 Sparkle will be giving away a Sunflower Charlotte to one lucky person! For a chance to win follow the instructions here!

If you want some inspirations on how to use the stamp check out this lovely card made by Stephanie Kraft!

I also love the colour combinations used by Shaela Odd below.

October last year we released other fall themed stamps. I really enjoyed drawing up Pumpkin Charlotte. 

But my all time favorite October stamp is the Broomstick Lucy! When I have a spare time would love to colour her up!

I love Halloween, bummed that it's not really a major event here in New Zealand. I'm living in an apartment now and we usually get some kids coming by for Trick or Treat. I will be ready this year with a big bag of sweets! :)
I was brought up on a farm which meant that the closest neighbors were at least a few kilometers away... a bit too far to walk for just a treat! So gotta make the most of Halloween spirit while I live here in the city!

Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps store is doing LUCY promotion this month so check out all the Lucy stamps!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sparkle Creations October Release Preview: Autumn Rin

Hi stamp and craft lovers, here's a post for you!
Welcome to the first day of Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps October previews! October is the season of fall... if you live in the North hemisphere. Feels funny being asked to draw up a design for Autumn Rin stamp while we are just getting over winter here in New Zealand :)

Another new stamp designed by me will be previewed in a couple of days so stay tuned! All new stamps will be available from the store on Saturday, October 8, 2011.

 Sparkle will be giving awayAutumn Rin to one lucky person! For a chance to win read the instruction HERE! Good luck!

Amy Tsuruta has made a beautiful card using this new stamp! Loving all the rich autumn colours!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Big Book of Billie!

Whooo! How exciting! For those of you (especially parents of Billie fans) who can't decide which book to buy here goes a BIG treat! This October release of The Big Book of Billie features the first twelve stories from the Billie B Brown series! You will also find fun games, puzzles and recipes in the book. I also did a "How to Draw Billie" page :)
It is priced AUS$24.95, not sure how much is will be in NZ though...

Getting over flu and deadline marathon!

It has been a week since returning home from Australia Tour with the lovely Sally Rippin! I have met so many great people during the tour including teachers, bookshop owners, event organizers, publishers and of course all the great fans of Billie B Brown! Isn't it great that people from different backgrounds can connect through love of books and literature?
I have made so many friends. Sally was kind enough to invite me to her lovely home for a beautiful meal made by her loving husband. I enjoyed meeting her beautiful boys too! Felt like I walked into a page from a fairytale book as I walked through the gates of her funky home- the whole experience during the visit felt like a magical oasis during that busy tour.
Special big THANK YOU to Jennifer and Bethany for looking after me during the tour! And even though both Sally and I missed the Billie B Brown office bash party (we were both sick..) I got to meet most of the talented (and young AND beautiful) team at Hardie Grant Egmont!

Seems like I have brought back some weird throat bugs from Aussie??? Have been down with throaty coughs and flu :( Tackling all the deadlines I have left hanging over the tour. Enjoying every project I'm working on, but sucks that I can't put in all my love into each illustration when I'm worrying abut all the other piled work. But oddly, I do enjoy the feeling of being overloaded with work, makes me work that extra hard! Go away TV / fridge / facebook.

Here goes some little peeks on what I just finished working on.

I have been working on a few educational titles for PEARSON. These have been fun as I get to experiment with different styles and characters as each stories are short one offs. Schools around New Zealand should get these titles sometime during next year.

Also I just finished working on the 9th book in the Go Girl series, "Back to School".

And currently working on the 14th book in the Billie B Brown series. Can you guess what Billie is holding?
Hint: Cute and fluffy :)

Also thank you for becoming a fan on my Facebook page. I did a little giveaway last week. I am planning to do more giveaways as I get more "Likes" so please check out my Aki Art Facebook page!