Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Present

My friend asked me to paint something for her younger sister. Since the little sister really likes Japanese culture I incorporated some Japanese themes, geisha, koi carp, lanterns and "Amy" (girl's name) written in Japanese. I did a small triptych of block canvases so it will be easier for Amy to take it back home (she is visiting NZ from overseas) and then she can have fun arranging the paintings herself. You can hang them on walls or place them on a surface. Hope the sister liked it!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nobody Likes Me

A new Children's Picture book written by Cynthia Dekel, illustrated and designed by ME! It has been self-published and you can buy it online through it's website or through amazon.
A very cute story "inspired by a real day in the life of a feisty young girl who has been overlooked one time too many and is feeling rejected." Many children and parents can relate to this story!
Please check out the website, read about the author, see some sample illustrations by me and leave a comment!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friend's wedding :)

Couple of months ago was the wedding of one of my closest friends. We went to uni together and now she is an art teacher at a College in Auckland. I also work there part time as an art technician.
I did an acrylic on canvas painting for their wedding present. I also designed their wedding invites. I based the design on their relationship- the husband is in the navy and spends a long time away from home. She is always waiting for him with their pet cat. I incorporated some maori patterns in the waves and the details of the sailing ship to give it some kiwiana touch.
They liked it very much :)