Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Present

My friend asked me to paint something for her younger sister. Since the little sister really likes Japanese culture I incorporated some Japanese themes, geisha, koi carp, lanterns and "Amy" (girl's name) written in Japanese. I did a small triptych of block canvases so it will be easier for Amy to take it back home (she is visiting NZ from overseas) and then she can have fun arranging the paintings herself. You can hang them on walls or place them on a surface. Hope the sister liked it!!!!


  1. Hi Aki, just saw the proofs for the next two Billie books - they look wonderful! Thanks so much! I love Billie's haircut at the end.

  2. Hi Aki,
    Here is the last paragraph in a series of recent reviews of the BBB series that appeared in an online journal I subscribe to:
    "Each book cover in the series is a different pastel shade depicting Billie in her current roll in a large illustration on the front cover, and smaller ones on the back. Special mention must be made to the illustrator who has done justice to Billie’s character with her images. She has captured her undaunted spirit and sense of adventure perfectly!"
    Thought you should read that!

  3. Hi Sally!
    Glad you liked the illustrations for the next two books! I had so much fun illustrating those! Still need to colour the images for the back cover, waiting for Hardie Grant to brief me on that. Have you seen the illustration for the Christmas cover?
    Cant wait to read the story for that one!

    And THANK YOU for praising my work on the BBB review! Makes me so happy! Anyway I can visit the site??