Saturday, August 4, 2012

Billie B Brown 16: The Copycat Kid

A brief post on the 16th book of Billie B Brown series, "The Copycat kid" . Mika, a new Japanese student joins Billie's class and Billie is appointed to be her buddy.
Illustrating this book reminded me of when I immigrated to New Zealand with my family 22 years ago. I really hated everything about being Japanese, I just wanted to fit in and be a kiwi, so I tried so hard to hide my japanese-ness (impossible really). I was 8 then, I didn't copy anyone's outfit but I did copy friend's essays (only during primary school!!)... while I let them copy my math answers and let me do their art works. A fair deal I thought at the time. 
Cover Rough

Billie and friends checking out the new student

Mika and Billie's introduction

Billie not so happy about being Mika's Buddy