Monday, June 27, 2011

Lily The Littlest Angel: "Gets Her Wings" cover

So here's a post on the journey of designing the first book of "Lily The Littlest Angel" written by Elizabeth Pulford. Scholastic commissioned Steve Wells to design the book cover. Steve is based in the UK and he has worked on some books for Scholastic Australia.

So all I have to do is send the illustration to him and he will do all the typography, composition and getting the whole cover file ready for print.
Steve used my initial Lily illustration to try out some directions for Lily's books. Now we are all focusing on what sort of style we want for this series. It is really important to get this right as it sets the "look" for the entire Lily world.

 We liked the sky backdrop so I came up with more suitable Lily in action roughs which will suit the concept better than the standing Lily illustration.
We eventually decided on this flying Lily image.

The editor suggested I try for a more flat colouring technique rather than with brush texture. Maybe it will appeal more to the target audience of modern young girls?
I tried out a few variations of colours.

Then I also tried making her gown look less old-fashioned by adding more details and accessories.

Steve then applied the image onto his background. Are we close yet???

Nooot yet. Tried another version. There were some comments that she was looking too young, so tried making her look sliiightly older here. This image was turned down quickly... But the editors liked the yellow pom poms on her slippers so we decided to take those on board.

In the end we did a full circle and decided to stay with the old-fashioned gown, coloured with painterly brush strokes.....

 ...with yellow pom poms on her slippers! And the cover is finally done! YAY


  1. Hi Aki
    What an absolutely fascinating process...and I thought writing was hard! Thanks for sharing, it certainly gives me much more of an understanding of what the illustrator has to go through. It's not all pretty flowers ... there are a few thorns in there as well. Cheers Liz

  2. Thank you for the comment Liz!
    Yes, all my covers usually go through a rather long, painful yet enjoyable journey!
    But I know that writers have to go through months and months of editing, changing and re-writing. Not to mention that some of your stories must have been sitting on the back burner for years before you even put them down on paper??