Monday, November 7, 2011

Lily Lands in Bubble Trouble: November Release

The fourth book in Lily the Littlest Angel series is out in bookshop around New Zealand now!
Announcing the release of "Lily Lands in Bubble Trouble"! Published by Scholastic.

I had so much fun illustrating this one. Especially since I got to draw a lot of Frumplepuss! I have made sure that the two roughs featured Frumplepuss so that the final design will have him on the cover!

Above is the final coloured illustration I've sent to the designer. The designer played around with the layout and colour options......

I remember feeling a bit sad seeing Frumplepuss being casted to the side, being cropped off....

And here goes the final design!! NO Frumplepuss!

Actually he got to feature on the back cover! Yay. He gets to have the entire page for himself! (actually the synopsis takes up majority of the back cover space, nevertheless I am happy!)
Angel Freya, Amelia's Angel Academy's nurse appears in this book. She is a strict, neat-freak Angel. Still, I wanted to make her likable. 

Lily interacts a lot with Frumplepuss. 
Aaaahh.. had so much fun drawing them playing (?) together. :)

Check out Lily's Blog written by the author Elizabeth Pulford
You can see the real-Frumplefuss there.

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