Monday, January 2, 2012



I wonder what has happened to the weather?? Usually Christmas and New Years are spent camping, fishing and BBQ-ing under the hot summer sun. This year rain, rain and more rain covered almost the entire NZ across all of the New Year days.  Does 2012 being the year of dragons have anything to do with it I wonder??? Apparently dragons are considered as gods of water/rivers in some parts of Japan.
I suppose farmers can be happy, and I don't have to worry about watering the garden! (just worried about the overgrown lawn and the growing pile of dirty clothes...)

Anyway already many exciting things has happened! I have a nephew! I will upload more about that later. Aunty Aki is now too busy thinking of what make for the little angel. 

2012 Resolution: Make a picture book written and drawn all by myself!!

Although I LOVE illustrating other people's stories I am really ready to write my own book. I have started so many during the past decade and have been too busy lazy to finish any. Knowing the publishing industry it is really hard to get any book considered for publication, but hey, without having anything decent to show, how can I be considered? Thus I am making this little public vow, this time I can't run away from this determination! Hopefully I can do some sneaks and previews on this journey :) 

Another little news. My cat Dorothy is 20! She has been with me almost the entire time since I have immigrated to New Zealand 21 years ago. Santa delivered her to me :)
She has no teeth and her tail is furless... but I still adore her!

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