Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Educational Material: In My Opinion

Yay, I have finally received my copy of "In My Opinion". :)
If you have any children who attends schools in New Zealand they may come across this book this year!

When it comes to educational materials I try to keep stereotypes and negative assumptions away from the characters while sill trying to keep diversity in their ethnicity and personalities!

I thought I would share some work processes of couple of  spreads from the book.

In the first round of roughs  I was guilty of being a bit biased gender-wise???? It wasn't intentional but I was choosing "girly" pastel colours that featured girl characters and more intense, you could say, more boy-ish colours for the other pages. 

 For the second round of roughs I brought in more intense colours to these spreads and also started adding in details.

After that it was a few days and nights of mad inking, coloring and cleaning up the rough edges, all 17 pages plus cover and titles page illustrations! Now that I have the printed copy with me it seems that their designer changed things around a bit more. 
I hope my illustrations will bring a bit of fun to the reading classes in schools!

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