Friday, November 9, 2012

SCRS November Preview: Poinsettia Charlotte

Hello everyone!
Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps is excited about the new releases stamps this month! First up is the new Poinsettia Charlotte stamp illustrated by.. ME! (She will be available for purchase on Saturday from the SCRS store).

It was a couple of month ago when Sparkle briefed me for this stamp. She asked for a "Poinsettia Charlotte" design to use for the Xmas season. Seemed simple, yet it took me a number of roughs to get the design right!
The first rough I sent through was a little compact design.

Sparkle then asked me to turn it into a whole body image. So I came up with the below image.
 (I had to tape on an extra paper on the bottom as she went off the page)

Here dress was a bit too like a wedding dress here.

After a few tweaks with the outfit, pose and putting the poinsettia into a pot I got the approval to ink for final :)
Sparkle is giving away one Poinsettia Charlotte stamp to one lucky person. For details follow this link. The offer is only on for one day so be quick!

Check out how these talented designers used this new stamps to come up with these wonderful cards :D

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