Tuesday, December 4, 2012

X Group Exhibition: Letham Gallery

Apologies for the late update. Been a bit hectic completing new gallery pieces while tackling publishing deadlines and commission works! Last night was the Preview Night for the group exhibition X at Letham gallery in Ponsonby Auckland, where five of my original pieces are on sale!

Letham Gallery presents X, a group exhibition celebrating the diversity and talents of the many artists 
we have been privileged to work with this year, alongside a selection of new artists we believe 
have the potential to succeed. 

Over 30 artists will exhibit up to 5 original works each, 200mm x 200mm (8” x 8”) in size, 
available to collect for only $200 each, featuring painting, photography, prints, 3d installation and more!

Featuring Lianne Booton, Cristina Silaghi, Amy MacKinnon, Clinton Richards, Tony Tia, Pip Ashburn, Jade DuPreez, Barry Read, Sena Park, Antonia O'Mahony, Caroline Herdson, Simon Darlington, Justine Giles, Farhad Nabipour, Natchez Hudson, Rhys MacKenzie, Martin Horspool, Max Thomson, Oxana Timofeeva, Ingrid Gotlieb, 
Peter Christian, Sarah Matthew, Francis Van Hout, Jessica Brice, Laura Scheper, Ashleigh Blake, Sally Ann, 
Ramon Robertson, Weilun Ha and Aki Fukuoka.

The exhibition will run through 4th - 24th December 2012 - ALL welcome! 

Below are some work process/close up shots for the five pieces.
Didn''t have time to think of funky titles when I took these pieces into the gallery. but I assure you they have all been given so much time and love. I could just name them now, but I would rather just share with you the main themes and ideas I had in my mind while working on these babies. 

1. A little Red Riding Hood lost in wonderland 

2. A Boy and his pet Gold Fishy.

3. Floral 

3. Goth Pop mix. Bunny ears, skull, girl.... all my favorite things!

 5. Something kiwiana. Fantail Girl

My last pieces waiting to be put up before the show. 
Then I notice that my Little Red Riding Hood painting has already been pre-sold! 

Works by other great artists! 

See my works on the bottom row :) 

 Letham Gallery

The turn out was GREAT! At one time it was so packed that you couldn't see the walls :D
As I stood in my little corner I met up with my old university friend, met other artists (I spent a lot of time talking with a beauuutiful Russian artist) , and just enjoyed being surrounded by art lovers! As much as I enjoy working on my art and illustrations in my dungeon  its so nice to get out once in a while and meet new like minded people! 

I was also happy to see my Kiwiana Girl being red stickered! THANK YOU to those people who bought my work :D
Lastly thank you for Carla and Richard for organizing this event and letting me take part!

For more updates on my works please visit my Facebook Page. I do regular updates on my personal and published works. Also sometimes I do giveaways to followers so get liking!


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    1. Thank you Jade. I checked out your website too! You are local artist too! Wonderful works!

  2. Beautiful work!Wonderfully fun and detailed style. Congratulations on the show!

  3. Beautiful illustrations! Congratulations for the art exhibitions!

    1. Thank you! Your illustrations are very beautiful too!!