Friday, April 22, 2011

Billie B Brown- The Big Sister

Here goes another post for those Billie fans! "The Big Sister' is the 9th book in the BBB series and it came out in March 2011. Billie becomes a big sister!
Usually Karri, the lovely editor at Hardie Grant Egmont who has been guiding me from the very beginning, briefs me on the cover illustration before I even get to read the story. This is because the marketing team needs the cover designs well in advance for promotional purposes.
I did two roughs. Billie with her teddy Mr Fred was chosen for the final version. Very cute huh.
Then about a month afterward I receive the edited manuscript written by Sally Rippin and I proceed to work on the internal illustrations! :)
I usually do some sketches to work out Billie's wardrobe for the story.
Then some roughs to work out how the baby should look...... (read the book if you are curious as to how he/she turned out!) 
Then onto the internals! Like any illustration work some changes are always made but I always enjoy working on Billie :)
When I did this soccer scene I wanted to convey the loneliness Mr Fred was feeling, thus the illustration is drawn with Mr Fred in the foreground. But Karri suggested for change in perspective. This turned out well and makes the story flow better as Billie is always the central focus of the story. Duh!

I really enjoyed drawing Billie's mum's big bump. Hopefully I will look as good as her if when I get pregnant in the future!

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