Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sparkle Creations: Lucy, Josh and Mother's day.

I have been illustrating the designs for Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps store since it's launch last year. These stamps are ideal people who are into crafts, card making and scrap booking!
Sparkle Smith, the store owner, runs weekly and monthly challenges where people can upload their creations and win Sparkle Creations stamps!
Here goes my work process of Cafe Lucy stamp!
 When Sparkle initially briefed me for an image of Lucy with Coffee I came up with Lucy in a teacup rough (holding onto a sugar cube). But Sparkle suggested for a Cafe scenario and we ended up with a stylish Lucy!
When I do these I get the urge to colour them in... but it's more fun seeing how other designers incorporate the stamps into their crafts!
I love how Lisa Hjulberg used this stamp!
When I drew Cafe Lucy I also completed Street Corner Josh.
The initial rough started off as relaxing Josh on a rocking chair. I like how it turned out. Lisa Seabrook always inspires me with her creations!
Anyway for those who are stuck with ideas for Mother's Day gift why not check out Charlotte stamps. They are ideal for making a personal card! I love these ones made by Simonne Clay!


  1. Aw thanks for highlighting my card, I love Josh!

  2. Hi Laurel. I adore your blog. So inspiring. You bring these stamps to life! :)

  3. Thanks Aki! I especially love that particular card. Actually, I was looking through all my SCRS cards just yesterday and thinking how much I love them all... and I don't always think that about my creations! lol I do have a couple new SCRS that need some ink and some love, so stay tuned!


  4. Hi Lisa!
    I love that particular card too! But my other favorite of yours is Sledding Chloe (with snow hills and tree background!)
    Will stay tuned! :)