Friday, July 2, 2010

Two of my works were displayed at the 2010 Original Art Sale Show last weekend held at the TelestraClear Pacific Centre. Both were fairy small canvas works titled "Alice and Rabbit" and "Snow white".

2010 Original Art Sale Show is one of the biggest art sale shows in NZ, held across three days. You have to be chosen by the show producers to get a spot to display your works and get the chance to sell your art to the public. This year there were over 1,400 artworks on sale!
I just got a call from  the producer saying that both my works were sold!
Whoever bought my paintings, THANK YOU! I'm sure my babies are happy at their new homes!
Hopefully next year I will be chosen again to take part in the sale show. And next time I will manage my time better so that I can do much bigger paintings!


  1. Holy Mackrel!!! You're an amazing artist! I just came over from Sparkle's blog . . . WOW!!!

  2. Hi Lorena

    Thank you for such a lovely comment! I will be doing a post on some Sparkle Creation stuff very soon!