Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Billie B Brown- The Secret Message

Wow, it has been quite a while since the last blog...
This year has been a busy year, I have 24 books scheduled to come out this year that I have worked on!
Now that 12 of them has already come out in the shops I can share some images and some very late launch updates!
First up, the 8th book in the Billie B Brown series "The Secret Message".

This was released in January by Hardie Grant Egmont. Another lovely story written by Sally Rippin.
Below are some images to show the processes I went through.
As you can see the little girl named Charlotte was a bit too little and young looking in the original rough.

Billie makes a new friend named Harriet  in this story. She started off being rather slim. I like how she is looking in the final illustration, nicely rounded!
Hopefully I will make more effort to keep my blog up to date from now on! I will do another update tomorrow! :)


  1. Congrats and these are just darling!

  2. Thank you Sparkle! I've been so lazy with my blog. I admire how you post almost everyday! I will need to start blogging more about the Sparkle Creations sneak peaks too!

  3. Gorgeous work Aki! You've been very busy. Hope life is good for ya xx

  4. Oh these are gorgeous, Aki! Thanks so much for posting! I have been thinking of you lately. Hope you got my card? Hopefully we might get a chance to meet later this year! I think HGE are planning to get us together at some point. Wouldn't that be fun?!

  5. Hi Rachel
    How are you!? hows your arm making going!?
    Please say HI to Thomas for me! :)

    Sally!I have just got back from my morning mail box check! THANK YOU for your lovely (handmade?) card! I love it, it will be pinned on my inspiration board as it is desperately in need of some colour and style as right now it's covered in groceries list and multiple to-do lists).